neural networks do their best to answer your nonsensical questions in earnest and they're adorable @OCRbot

@strnom @OCRbot wait, wait wait, where are these from? How can I ask my own questions?? 😃

OCR Output (chars: 1414) 

@rugk these are just screenshots from because i can't be arsed to figure out how pytorch-transformers works

OCR Output (chars: 1004) 

OCR Output (chars: 959) 

OCR Output (chars: 270) 

OCR Output (chars: 336) 

@strnom @OCRbot okay, wow, this is really hilarious and even very philosophical view on comments!

I totally agree, to you AI. (I guess by what they write, everyone can agree. You'll always find something in there.)

(and Java bashing is obligatory, I know AI, I can understand that.)

OCR Output (chars: 1088) 

OCR Output (chars: 1215) 

@rugk "i don't see the need to keep the javascript in production, just the markup" interesting take but i'm buying it

@strnom yeah, wow, even philosophical/political takes are great here. Only a little contradictory 😜 (just when you claim the one thing is a big problem in one sentence and decline this thing exists in the next lol)

@rugk yeah, it can kind of sort of keep track of the overall topic it's talking about, and sometimes even of what its own take on it is, but it tends to lose track of "muddier" details such as whether it's speaking in a formal tone or not. it can, say, slide from academic to trumpspeech and back over the course of a few sentences

@rugk (if you want to read on how this works internally, i believe the GPT model calls it "self-attention")

@rugk oh yeah! it likes to hallucinate links to things. for example, if it's talking about some facebook group, it will often add a link to

@strnom wow, and it has a really good sense of ! Really nailed it.

Just a little biased on music… I dunno… but well… we're also an awesome platform for music. 😆


OCR Output (chars: 999) 

@rugk i think it probably "knows" about mastodon (the band) from its training dataset, and when you said it was a social network it just rolled with it and remixed what it thought mastodon was with the new information you were giving it

@strnom @OCRbot wow and it is lyrical, it can do poems…

(okay in the first try it talked about capital and somewhat anarchistic things, which did not fit the saying there…· but then this get out)

And I have to say, it's not bad. That poem.

OCR Output (chars: 966) 

@strnom @OCRbot hah, damm, I thought I could mislead it, …, but I got a sweet story instead. Not bad. 😆

OCR Output (chars: 990) 

OCR Output (chars: 778) 

@rugk me, an intellectual: "i bet many of you have never heard of checks topic bunnies"

@strnom 🤣 Yay. But only if you know _nothing_ about animal welfare. If you know something about it, you may have heard something 😜

This isn't even the full sized gpt-2 set. No wonder they have "banned" it for now

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@strnom if you give it good hints, it can come up with funny stories… 😃

Yeah, who needs creativity when we have AI. 👍 😆

@rugk we can have both! we can have AI-powered creativity. this is genuinely why i'm so into this shit

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