The is currently doing a survey on how to szupport free and open-source software in their project.

Take part, if you use or develop !

@rugk one question is free form about how to keep software safe. Hint: don't hoard exploits, and make sure none of the member states or private black-hat #hackingteam|s can


Q: "How did you find out about this survey?"

my A:
[] Social media, e.g. Twitter, Facebook

Non-corporate social media, e.g. Mastodon, Diaspora ....

@el_joa well, understand that 😆

though for statistical reasons choosing "social media" would likely be more useful. Also as Mastodon is also just social media, just a good one 😜


"Also as Mastodon is also just social media, just a good one"
-> exactly, I wanted them to get that very point!

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