Google’s new reCAPTCHA has a dark side

This is ridiculous! Frankly speaking, Google's reCAPTCHA v3 is going to be a tracker script on EVERY SINGLE PAGE of a website, it's going to collect and analyze user's behaviors, and is supposed to determine whether the request is unwanted by some machine learning algorithms... 🤮 Totally insane.


@niconiconi actually, that's very very clever. (of ) Nefariously clever…

To sell a tracking feature as an anti-bot feature is the best thing they could do!

Tracking blockers can't block it, because that would break the Captcha functionality.
And web admins will happilly embed it on any, any site just to "protect" their login from bots – exposing all their users, but they don't care, they never cared…

@rugk @niconiconi And they make money from the data collection itself.

@gudenau @niconiconi obviously, no web admin pays for having the privilege to use such an "advanced, difficult, enhanced" technology like ReCaptcha…

@rugk @niconiconi I meant Google in this context. So they get payed for people using the service and get to sell user data collected from it.

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