Remember, it's not the first time is abusing it's monopoly with Google /#Chromium.

's plan to block many of their adblocking add-on's is nearly finished.

In a hilarious blog post devs they make very easily refutable "arguments" on why they block the old API for blocking content:

1. Malicious: Many malicious add-ons used the API.
I am an extension developer and I can certainly tell you that all those malicious add-on's likely also used other APIs such as storage for saving data…

However, that does not make them malicious. What would actually matter is a statistic on how many add-ons that used the API were *malicious add-ons*. (Re-read if you don't get the difference.)
That is a whole different story!

2. Next claim: "We do this to protect your privacy.".

They repeatedly claim this, but actually they only a) disable *blocking* via that API for add-ons.
Add-ons can still use the exact same API to *read* all content!

Obviously, they only block what hurts their business model.

3. Next claim: Performance.

They limit their new APIs to some 300k entries and say the old API had a bad performance impact.

…which is provably not true, given that the more content you block, the less the browser has to load, thus making it actually faster(!).

What you can do:
Switch to another browser. You see what a company having a monopoly on a browser does. We need (for a whole lot more reaons BTW)!

Here is how to switch to :

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