Wtf… next time Google is abusing it's with

It will now… obviously only for speed and other nice things… hide the domain when you visit an site.
Hint: An AMP site is (usually) a news or other site that is hosted by Google. [1/3]

Basically when you use /ium this allows Google to track you for any site using this "feature" and you won't even know it nor can you easily prevent it. [2/3]



What you can do:
* as a website admin/newspaper publisher: Do not use AMP!
* as a user: Use another browser (uhm @firefox) and use an "no AMP" add-on:


@rugk I'm reliving a strong déjà vu from the days when Firefox was fighting IE :-)

@rugk Thank you so much for this post!Yes,Chrome absolutely sucks,I'll never use that piece of shit and I also will NEVER implement AMP into my website.But when I saw shitty AMP links here,I always had to copy the link into the address bar and remove the AMP part by hand because I couldn't find any addon which stops that shit for me.Now I finally have a easy solution!! 👍 👍 👍

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