Wtf… next time Google is abusing it's with

It will now… obviously only for speed and other nice things… hide the domain when you visit an site.
Hint: An AMP site is (usually) a news or other site that is hosted by Google. [1/3]

Basically when you use /ium this allows Google to track you for any site using this "feature" and you won't even know it nor can you easily prevent it. [2/3]


What you can do:
* as a website admin/newspaper publisher: Do not use AMP!
* as a user: Use another browser (uhm @firefox) and use an "no AMP" add-on:


@rugk I'm reliving a strong déjà vu from the days when Firefox was fighting IE :-)

@rugk Thank you so much for this post!Yes,Chrome absolutely sucks,I'll never use that piece of shit and I also will NEVER implement AMP into my website.But when I saw shitty AMP links here,I always had to copy the link into the address bar and remove the AMP part by hand because I couldn't find any addon which stops that shit for me.Now I finally have a easy solution!! 👍 👍 👍

@chucker 1. please, please, by my new recommend followeé @satan save myself the hellish irony of posting an link(!) to a news article about AMP… Really…

@chucker 2. You're right of course. It's crazy how that article ends:

"For website users, having the correct URL in the address bar will make it easier to copy the URL of a site to save or share."

Sure… yes… everything will be fine… totally FINE! Go away. Here is nothing to see…

@rugk it’s also the Chromium playbook du jour where they say “it’s fine! We put it in a spec so it’s a standard! (That we unilaterally pushed but sure!)”

@rugk yeah. Problem is, DuckDuckGo still isn’t good enough for search. I default to it but have to hit !g a lot

@chucker I am not sure what a search engine has to do with it. Cause' you can use any search engine with any browser (at least you should).

But really, IMHO often had better results than Google. And even if, there are things like or so.

@rugk it has to do with it that I only accidentally shared an AMP link because I was using Google to search.

I often find DDG to offer subpar results on specific queries.

@chucker oh yeah, that's why I recommend this "" add-on.

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