You like the picker of ?

Actually, I took it and made it available as an add-on, so you can use it in the whole :firefox:! 😃

Check it out here:

@Sylphox Great, but interesting, because you did only discover that emoji picker though this toot, now, did not you?

Did you notice there is a section "other add-ons by this dev" on

@rugk Yeah I saw that but I had the qr addon already

@rugk thanks for all the work you've put into this! I've been waiting for an update to my current Firefox emoji picker for ???

Don't suppose you'll build this for other browsers as well?

@bouncinglime currently not. Please open an issue for other browser support in the git repo:

(mention the browser where you want support for)

(I'll gladly accept PRs.)

@rugk thx for this Add-On 😉. The one thing that would make this better is, if using the Shortcut would automatically focus the search field.

@Joker yes, this is a known issue and already fixed in the latest development version, see

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