You get annoyed by having to enter your handle each time you want to follow/interact with someone on a "foreign" page?

I got that too, but I've made a little add-on to solve this "problem". 😃

It automatically "redirects" you to your own instance. Also, BTW, if you like it, vote for it and/or star it on GitHub. 🤗

@rugk @switchingsocial
That's cool, but how do we know that the add-on is not malicious?

@Anoobispepega you can check the code on Github and / or build it yourself from source. :-)

@rugk @switchingsocial

@Anoobispepega @thomas no, that's totally fine (I am also like that 😉)

@Anoobispepega All add-ons on AMO are reviewed.

Additionally, my add-on is open-source/free software.

And I've even got a privacy policy:

And I try to use as few permissions as possible. (though that is hard in this case)

@caltlgin @Anoobispepega or you just look at the source on GitHub 😉 (or compare it… whatever… 😉)

@DotConfig a good idea, I guess. (although I have to wrap my head around how that should actually work in the end)

So best please open an issue on GitHub and describe that a little more in detail. 😃

@DotConfig well… yeah… 😆

@DotConfig okay this container support should be tracked in, is not it? Or what exactly do you intend?

This is very cool! Actually I thought about writing such an extension because I think remote following and toot interaction is UX problem one on Fediverse.

Have you thought about making this into some kind of Fediverse protocol? For example by defining some kind of data-* attribute ( that your extension would detect and allow interacting with.

Let’s say I have a blog and would like to provide a button “comment on fediverse” that when clicked would open Mastodon/Fediverse software with the link to my blog post filled-in search.

Or I’m writing a Fediverse software and would like to have nice “Follow me” buttons that when clicked would just work.

"Fediverse protocol": Currently it detects interaction by the URL you request. However, it already has support for redirecting *from* some other Fediverse instances.
Redirecting *to* other instances would be a hard task.

Blog: Possibly you may be able to do that already. Just make a button that sends the user to the same URL/params/POST etc. as Mastodon.

Note it only redirects follows and toot/etc, so no prefilling option. That is not the aim of the add-on…

@wiktor Also, requiring an add-on just for a website button would not work realistically. Websites are unlikely to adopt that.
This standard would have to be set by Mastodon. This add-on, after all, only "extends" Mastodon.

Other Fediverse software: Yes, possible. Get in touch with me (issue tracker would work), if you you'd do so./want support for a Fediverse platform.
Note some are easier to implement than others.

Also, I encourage you to read the Readme on GitHub. It explains how the add-on works.

Yep, I’ve read the README but it’s still too high level.

The problem I’m seeing is that every other Fediverse software has their own URL scheme that you need to detect and support. Mastodon has https://$SERVER/users/$USER/remote_follow Pleroma has this, Friendica has that.

What if the follow buttons had some kind of marker attribute, let’s say <a data-fediverse-follow="$MY_URL" href="$SERVER/remote_follow">Follow me!</a> that you'd detect by content script (or elsewhere) hijack and redirect to own instance. If your extension is not enabled, the old logic kicks in. Of course that would require Fediverse software to adopt the attribute but it'd be a one-line change so I guess they wouldn’t object.

If someone wants to go fancy JSON-LD could be re-used to mark up HTML as “this URL points to an actor”.

My PoV is from someone that is writing Fediverse software and not being happy that there are N different ways to do the same thing one for each software :)

@wiktor Okay, so first of all, we should probably discuss this in a GitHub issue or so.

But generally: Yes, if we had something like this, I would also prefer that. (as an add-on too, not only from your ActivityPub dev 😉)

However, the problem I really see is whether this will be adopted. I doubt anyone would do so for a tiny add-on such a mine.

And to have it standardized would be good.
The best I can think of is things such as or so. (similar to Mastodon's use of rel="me").

@rugk @switchingsocial

Really cool! You can also copy paste the adress into the searchbar to do yer business too!

@ChrisTalleras yes, but this is _way_ fatser 😊

@rugk This is great! Works wonderfully, thank you so much! 😍

@rugk hi rugk, I am following and liking your status using your Simplified Federation addon. It helps me a lot. Thank you.

@ademalsasa Thanks, that's great to hear. 😃

So always spread the word and give the add-on good ratings or so. See here for how you can support it:

@ademalsasa wow, great, thanks. As for your suggestion, feel free to open an issue on GitHub to track this idea. 😃

@rugk thanks, I will do it today. I need to go to work first right now.

@rugk hello @rugk, I just published my issue here Thanks, without your direction to open an issue, I don't know what to do.

@rugk hi rugk, I already tested latest changes with "Prevent popup usage" option and submit a reply to your #46 bug at GitHub. The new feature is great! I am excited to see your reply. Thank you!

PS: your direction was very clear I could follow quickly even though I'm not a programmer.

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