Firefox admits they will eventually be sending all of your DNS to Cloudflare. Cloudflare will monetize your internet browsing, no matter how much their PR people say they are.

If you want to disable that, go to "about:config", and set "network.trr.mode" to 5.

The values are: 0 - default off, 1 - race, 2 TRR first, 3 TRR only, 4 shadow, 5 off by choice

@loke @florian @phessler I don't use it but Opera seems to be a good alternative, no?

@lastfuture @loke @florian @phessler a proprietary browser is never a good alternative

Also the OP's claim is still unverified. I've never heard they want to do this in production.


@florian @lastfuture @loke @phessler there was no reply to my original question for source, thanks though


@florian @lastfuture @loke @phessler okay, but the source does not support OP's claim. And actually, I like the idea of what they try:
1. It will have multiple resolvers.
2. All resolvers have to adhere to a strict privacy policy.
3. It will be localized (different per locale), so the argument of big roundtrips is addressed
4. It may be enabled only in some regions (for now) – likely where DNS spoofing or so happens frequently.

@florian @lastfuture @loke @phessler
What is correct though: The list of trusted resolvers, *may* include Cloudflare.
But you can choose a different one (or automatically get a different one.

1. This will actually increase your security, as it encrypts DNS traffic.
2. Obviously, you need a trusted server as a resolver for that. Somehow, they have to deliver some that can handle a big load.
3. …

@florian @lastfuture @loke @phessler . **Actionable advice:** i.e. what you can do? Go to, choose a server you trust and enter it in the settings (note: no need to mangle with about:config BTW).

Then you get the best security you can get. Encrypted DNS to a server you trust. This is in 99% of the cases better than to your ISP's DNS or whatever is used by default on some routers or so. (hint: often it's Google DNS)

@rugk Thank you for jumping in with good information on a widely shared toot. @florian @lastfuture @loke @phessler

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