It's day again! 🎉

So my first goes to (short: ) for being a stable, reliable & secure backup solution!
You are my safe engine for backups, all day and night long. Thanks for that wonderful piece of software! 🤗 I don't know what I would do without borg, you already saved me enough times from many big threats, most importantly myself… 😃



And secondly, I'd like to thank @fdroidorg. You've got my second this year, because you are my daily driver…

Thing is, you are more than just a small app, you're the portal to so many awesome apps making them only one-click away.
Actually, on a a new , you are the very first thing I get. And as long as the device lives, you are it's breathe…

You've got many great improvements recently, and I am sure, you'll continue to improve and never rest.

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