@switchingsocial lineage.microg.org to get google-free network/fused location and push notification support. Choose the microG LineageOS fork.
Installing official Gapps on LineageOS defeats the purpose.

@attero @switchingsocial As a microG user I have to say that using LineageOS with Gapps can be useful. Getting people to use a well-maintained and up-to-date Android version without bloat is definitly an improvement.
As much as I like microG, I wouldn't recommend it to non-technical users.

@lukas @attero @switchingsocial@mastodon.at Once it is installed the "LineageOS for microG" version works great. Also for non-technical users. I mean, updates work and nothing else needs maintenance or so…

And installing LineageOS and "LineageOS for microG" is equally hard (or easy 😉).

@rugk @attero @switchingsocial Hm, you are right it isn't technically hard, but I am still having quite a trouble convincing other people to not use the play store, but use alternatives from f-droid instead or set up yalp or playmaker for the few required properitary apps.

Nevertheless it is probably by far the best mobile os there is at the moment (unfortunatly).


@lukas @attero @switchingsocial@mastodon.at yeah, or Aurora Store. Then they've got an even better Google Play replacement, and I guess that is worth it. No setup required, just install and login – just as with Google Play.

So I am true to my word: Lineage/microG is, once setup, as easy to use as LineageOS with GApps, and as easy as any Stock ROM or so.

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