@krozruch oh, looks interesting. Will need to play with it.

@rysiek Do. Sounds up your street. Stumbled upon it with no more context than in the link but could be interesting.. I recall Joanna Rutkowska saying (perhaps in a reply to somebody on birdsite, and perhaps in relation to their querying other funding sources(?)) that the EU had not funded Qubes OS and it was my impression that little was being done to support security. This may at least qualify that impression somewhat.


@krozruch @rysiek interesting project, although it's bad at marketing itselve (i.e. only at the comparison part with Qubes OS I got, that it is some sandboxed/isolated thing and not just these uninteresting v5 features like secure boot).

But yeah, certainly a good thing to know/keep in mind. 😃

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