#Mozilla begrudgingly implements tracking protection by default, after being shamed into it yet again by Safari, the DuckDuckGo browser, and Gnome Web (just the ones I know who implemented it first) and talks a good talk while still having Google as its default search engine and continuing to get hundreds of millions from Google/Alphabet, Inc. – the largest surveillance capitalist in the world. (Mozilla Corp is ~entirely funded by surveillance capitalism.)




@aral Fact check:
Safari introduced itelligent" tracking protection in iOS 11/Safari 11 (Ref en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Safari_() --> In September 2017.

At that time the first tracking protection experiment of Mozilla was long finished. (Ref: testpilot.firefox.com/experime – finished in February 2017)

Also DDG Browser has been released later: reddit.com/r/Android/comments/

And finally, also is way older than these two: Mozilla released it at the end of 2016. (Ref blog.mozilla.org/blog/2016/11/)



Conclusion: Firefox was well ahead of many browsers in terms of tracking protection and can be said to be one leading party in that stuff.


(also in reply to @bootsy) About search, yet again: Google is only default in Europe and US, AFAIK. I think they _had_ Yahoo in the past, but after Yahoo got bought by Verizon they ended their contract.
In Russia and China they deliver other local search engines. (altghough those are certainly not more privacy-friendly)

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