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Microsoft up to their old tricks.

Microsoft’s New Skype for Web Doesn’t Support Linux and Mozilla Firefox

Wie moderne Softwareentwicklung (nicht) funktioniert!

Die Qualität des Schweizer E-Voting-Programmcodes - -

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RT @Senficon

Am 23. März protestieren wir in ganz Europa gegen #Uploadfilter! Ein überparteiliches Bündnis ruft wenige Tage vor der endgültigen Abstimmung zur #Artikel13Demo auf. Ich werde in Berlin dabei sein – und du? #SaveYourInternet


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Now that Linus Torvalds is supposed to be nice he should rename git blame to git thank


You may get STK in your car! @MercedesBenz demoed racing SuperTuxKart in one of their cars. It's able to respond to events in the game, e.g getting hit causes the seatbelt to tighten. German article & English video:


Here's the video of in a @MercedesBenz on YouTube.

(tweets adjusted)

People and code in communities or programming in general…

The important thing to notice is, you can be totally proud of code you've written, but more importantly you can also totally hate the code you wrote.

You define the code, but it's not the code that defines you.

I guess this is a totally important question as double-clicking on spaces likely happens on accident.

Actually I've asked this on Stackexchange now:

Crazy mouse selection question inspired by 2109 (

I found three ways that applications handle the case when you double-click on one (or more) *space[s]*:
1. Simple as gedit: Just select the space. (image 1)
2. As LibreOffice Writer: (Seems to) Always select the next word. (image 2)
3. As Firefox: Select previous and following word, which however results in punctuation also being treated and selected as a "word". (image 3)

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20000 Bundespolizisten werden zur Beweissicherung mit Bodycams ausgestattet werden.

"Erhebt […] ein Bürger einen Vorwurf gegen die Beamten […], dann dürfen diese Aufnahmen nicht verwendet werden." WTF!?

Remember what I said about "" mail login recently?

Here we've got such an example:

Feel free to vote/join, because:
> I encourage all users sharing @rugk's concerns to vote up on this issue so we can decide how we should prioritize it.


I am not sure yet, whether it is wise to use emojis in my folder names…

One the one hand it is 2019 and it should really work. (and it often does, apparently…)
On the other one, I may still find myself opening hundreds of bug reports in the next time… 😜

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My interview on the Mozilla IRL Podcast is coming out tomorrow, I was told

@thomas I am really disappointed to not see any (bear) metal server joke in your bio…😜

(And hopefully I wrote bear correctly, or beer metal ehm…🙄)

recently switched to a nice categorized -like toolbar. IMHO, we need this for more applications!

Imagine all the tools or @inkscape could present in such an intuitive way, so you don't have to search for the menu again and again…

The awkward moment when you find a totally outdated change being stashed in a repo of yours…

…especially, if the resulting conflicts mention an old TODO, you seem to have actually have implemented in the new version. 🤔

To clarify: I mean these ones where you enter with your mail address only. They suck…

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