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You get annoyed by having to enter your handle each time you want to follow/interact with someone on a "foreign" page?

I got that too, but I've made a little add-on to solve this "problem". 😃

It automatically "redirects" you to your own instance.


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stack overflow for dogs

2849 when will my human return?

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extremely important museum plaque that addresses the language we use to talk about slavery in the american south. @OCRbot

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It's not long anymore until browser version numbers get three digits!

I am scared of that time…

So the news for now here is: You can go to about:compat and see what fixes are currently applied. 😃

added a view for their website workarounds. And that tells quite an crazy story…

Their pre-installed add-on applies temporary workarounds to web pages to make them work in .
Now their explanation[1] however makes one thing pretty obvious: They mostly need to fight web devs. Who either don't test things, (wrongly) sniff UAs or even show "Works in " messages.

So a pretty desperate move IMHO, but needed, as it seems.


I've tried out :fedora: and while I'll encountered several problems… all in all… it's quite nice from a first look! 😃

You can read more about my experience here:

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I couldn't visit LGM this year (which includes the GIMP developers) because I severely sprained my ankle and have been limping for months now. Ironic, I guess?

Previously, I was at a GUADEC (in Manchester) where I had some issues walking and was harassed by a bunch of drunk Brits who called me a "gimp" among other things. 😒

I've used the software since 1996, despite the problematic name, but thoroughly wish they'd change it. (I have for decades, but even moreso as years have gone on.)

(E.g. on ) Do you really use the 😕 emoji as "confused" or rather as (a replacement) for "sad"? (which the "correct" emoji would is 🙁)

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cloudflare being down taking down like half the internet is a good example of why centralization is bad
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@niconiconi actually, that's very very clever. (of ) Nefariously clever…

To sell a tracking feature as an anti-bot feature is the best thing they could do!

Tracking blockers can't block it, because that would break the Captcha functionality.
And web admins will happilly embed it on any, any site just to "protect" their login from bots – exposing all their users, but they don't care, they never cared…

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Want to find your way from A to B?

You should try:

I've used it a couple of times today, and it was great.

* Uses OpenStreetMap data
* Service provided by HeiGIT
* Doesn't spy on you
* Maps look great
* Effective routes
* Share with friends
* Add your own tracks
* Export to GPX plus others
* Elevation profile

You can also go to C, D, E and many more. 😉

#OSM #maps #routes #routing #FOSS #FLOSS #CrowdSourced

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Are you using / have you used Mastodon's "list" feature?

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Looks like the Linux kernel devs are joining the Fediverse.


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@kuketzblog wäre bereit nach Mastodon zu kommen, wenn genügend Leute Interesse zeigen. Könntest du das verbreiten? #netcup #switchingsocial

RT @netcup_support: @f5_tri @netcup Wenn die Nachfrage danach groß ist, werden wir auch in mastodon gerne einen Channel gründen. Sie sind meines Wissen nach der Erste der danach fragt.

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