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Hopefully we can engage Ben Shapiro to speak about natural rights and political correctness at Orange Coast College this semester.

Privacy Coalition: the right kind of PC

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That's poor sciencing.

"if you’re going to dictate to me that I’m supposed to ... pretend that men are women and women are men, no. My answer is no. I’m not going to- I’m not going to [deny] basic biology because it threatens your subjective sense of what you are."

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Inter partes review (IPR) proceedings help the US Patent Office weed out bad patents. A private company tried to dodge IPR by "renting" sovereign immunity from a Native American tribe. That strategy was flawed, and the Federal Circuit has now rejected it.

It's the last day of our Shipshape Security summer campaign—and it's #SharkWeek!
Join EFF for just $20 and help us chew up surveillance!

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Any cPanel (linux) shared webhosting provider IFF their servers are configured to use both Pyzor & DCC.

We value your feedback and qualified suggestions

@FuckOffGoogle @privacylab @Privacy

LONG overdue

"best" privacy centric email address services

classical use of the word free:

*caveats: requires Legacy Texting (sms) capable number [single use, stored, difficult to remove], as of December 2017 no longer includes ActiveSync. Free email hosted domains no longer provide IMAPS/SMTP. Does provide ios/android app, or web access.


The user is not tracked, profiled, targeted, manipulated, sold.

This is intrinsic to libre software, decentralization, absence of money-making objectives.
There are no vicious loops which force every website to spy and tell Facebook or Twitter whatever their users do.
There are no monopolies so powerful that can corrupt governments.

The result is more freedom, more privacy, more diversity, more justice.

"Why would I want the world, even my Internet friends, to know when I settle bar bills? I know of no mainstream payment system that makes its transactions public. PayPal, Venmo’s parent company, doesn’t even do this."

Ah G👀gle and their Android wifi settings. When 'off' doesn't mean off, and there's multiple settings that keep it on to 'scan for networks'

#google #privacy #control

"Privacy policies often express companies’ intention to be 'good stewards of data'... A more contemporary law review parallel is Yale law professor Jack Balkin’s concept of 'information fiduciaries', which got some attention during the Zuckerberg hearing"

Here is a piece about California courts overstepping their boundaries:

It reminds us that "the street finds a use for all things"

and now I'm in a big cyberpunk mood.

Border agents use a warrant exception to the Fourth Amendment to search your luggage. They shouldn’t get the same exception when searching your phone.

This is a note to people moving their repositories blindly to do you know Google is actually a huge investor in Gitlab?

The issue is not about Microsoft buying Github. The issue is about centralization and silos.

You do not solve that by moving your data from one silo to another.

You solve that by relying on small providers you can trust, or by becoming a provider yourself.

Friday we suggest the best gmail replacement we have discovered, tested, and now use. LONG ago we deleted google. Now our campus not only inflicts a gmail address on students (which we refuse to use) but this week new authenticated campus portals AUTO LOGIN to gmail in a cms module.

@FuckOffGoogle @privacylab @Privacy

"Tell them what you'll say. Say it. Tell them what you said"

it's too late for me to be tooting

note to self: delete this and prior two

From the campus that inflicts gmail on students we have a peek into the brilliant administration mindset: notification of payment deadline emailed four days AFTER the deadline

Please help us to discourage others' tolerance for allowing PRIVACY RAPING.

(We are NOT endorsing their products at this time, nor all concepts in this video)

People who value privacy:

see video there and others
via @aral

Quixotic video title:

Ecuse me, your unicorn keeps shitting in my back yard, can he please not?

It's easier to deceive people than be honest seems to be becoming the interweb business ethos

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