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I program for over 20 years. I just closed some tabs from yesterday:

"how to create directory in python"
"concat lists python"
"load 2 models tensorflow"
"how set pythonpath"

and some others.

And yes. I have a masters degree in informatics.

You don't need to learn things that you rarely need & are just 1 duckduckgo away by heart. Knowing that they exist and what to search for is sufficient.

Important are the thing you cannot search. Concentrate on those.

#ImposterSyndrome #elitism

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This Yamaha A/V receiver service manual... Just wow! I cannot believe the year is 2019.

Even better, all those components in the block diagram are clickable hyperlinks that bring you to the actual corresponding page! See the GIF attached.

Working with docker4win is such a have to restart docker multiple times a day because network breaks all the time, even had to factory reset docker to get volume mounts to work again.

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The thing people miss about #desktop #Linux is: it's not that Linux users are using Linux purely for ideology, in most cases. If I could get everything done on Windows in a similar amount of time with a similar level of satisfaction, I probably would.

But I can't. I can't use a tiling WM. I can't use BTRFS or ZFS for my external storage cluster. I can't have a decent package manager or functioning containerization or a command-line driven workflow.

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Image recognition was achieved by purely passive optical computing. I am impressed. "[T]he wave dynamics in Maxwell's equation is capable of performing highly sophisticated computing".

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This is a problem if you use with group/chord tasks, using as result backend seems to solve this issue.

does not have any problems with >100k messages in a few queues (very small memory footprint), but seems to fail miserably with similar amount of messages in >50k queues (8GB memory limit reached).

Blöd nur dass man als psychiatrieinteressierte/r Absolvent/in keinen Basisausbildungsplatz bekommt.
Dann halt in die Schweiz. 🤷‍♂️

WSL is very helpful if you're forced to work on Win10 ... in theory.
But currently I/O performance is terribly slow and also breaks on high I/O. ☹️
Also lineendings can be real pita.
Hope WSL2 will resolve this problems.

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why is the "Proprietary" license-badge in the #ubuntu :ubuntu: softwarecenter green?

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"GoogleStalker is a tool to make people realize how much data Google has on you and how detailed this data is."

It seems mixing Monday and Sunday as first day of the week 🙈

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