#Coy.im is a fairly new, cross-platform, desktop chat app, for the #Jabber network (#XMPP protocol). It's privacy-focused, for example it uses #TOR and #OTR encryption for all chats by default (not #OMEMO, interesting choice). Also, they're avoiding implementing some features, like highlighted links, they say could add unnecessary complexity and more risk of bugs and thus security flaws. They say they are looking for people willing to do security audits on their code:

@jr yeah, that's why I said OTR was an interesting choice. I'm curious to know why they didn't use OMEMO. Maybe dev on Coy started before OMEME was production ready and they haven't had time to implement it yet?

@strypey @jr Any of the #CoyIM folks on the Fediverse? I'd be interested to hear their from them on this. Whether it's a conscious choice or not. I.e. whether we can expect #OMEMO in the future or not.

@stevenroose @strypey @jr

AFAIK (which isn't much) they're using OTR because some of the CoyIM devs were/are working on OTR4 and they don't intend to support OMEMO.

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