: is someone out there that can me explain how groups in work on the technical level? Or is there a document that describes this?

@ckeen do you know how briar handles it if User A sends a Message into a group and after that User B does the same but the message from A somehow arrives hours after that from B... how will it present C these Messages?

@jr From what I have read in the wiki, it gets sorted by timestamp. The message only links to the previous message of the sending user, so that's no problem. However what's actually happening, IDK, I haven't read the source.

@ckeen also interesting for me will you get push notifications for messages that where let me say sended 100 messages ago but suddenly just arrived this moment after the 100 "newer" messages?

@jr AFAIU the use cases include that you post stuff while online or that clients won't be able to see each other all the time.

@ckeen mh ok... just thought about how you could design an of the grid style p2p messenger and found this as a big problem

@jr IIUC it's like fetching feeds from different sources, not unlike secure scuttlebutt.
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