@choboDOC It's the name of a podcast I'm recommending: "Steal This Show".

@choboDOC if it wont get you arrested in your eurotrash SHITHOLE , its NOT WORTH TALKING ABOUT

@cvcvcv sorry, i don't understand what you're talking about my friend :)

@choboDOC Zündfunk Generator

Ist nicht so technik-lastig, aber ich finde das Format gut und es sind immer mal wieder sehr spannende Themen dabei. Eine Sendung pro Woche.

@choboDOC For science and tech, I enjoy "Omega Tau". I only get to listen to the english podcasts. Honestly, I enjoy the podcast enough that I've toyed with the thought of trying to learn German just to listen the rest of them. :)


@choboDOC I'm sure you would notice once you go to the website, but I neglected to make clear that podcast has German and English episodes.

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