me trying to rewrite my budget to justify getting food delivered

US pol: Bernie rally in Boston 

There's a thing that you may not know about #PlasmaMobile:

A sound file can be located in /usr/share/sounds/sitter/ohits.ogg, once played it's a man saying "Oh it's glorious!"

This sound file was meant as a way to let the developer knows that the device has booted and is loading Plasma.

This sound file has been playing on boot up for 3 years before it was finally disabled.

The sound file itself is still in your phone, but is never played.

just confirmed that i'm properly registered to vote in my state!

fellow US people, you should do the same!

select your state on here and it should take you to a place where you can check.

Tacoma is going to feel the Bern tonight.

I will not be attending but I will send the best wishes of the Sundogistani people, and possibly a nice selection of fruit.

Look at how the DNC treated Bernie running as a Democrat vs. Bloomberg running as a Democrat

The DNC has more in common with Republican oligarchs than with any left-leaning person

I'm gonna do a thread with some CWs for death, grief (including climate grief), and apocalypse. As I'm kickstarting the game, Snake People: A Game of Anticipatory Grief I'm trying to share what brought me to write this game and what I hope people will be able to tackle in it... but as snake people vs. as 21st century humans....

#ZineQuest #RPG #storygame

capsaicin: literally deadly to small mammals

humans: lmao this shit make my mouth hurt lets base all our food around it

We knew they've been authorized to do it and now we have footage: Canadian federal police aiming rifles at the Wet'suwet'en land defenders

"Just using the scope"

1) Binoculars exist, but if you can't afford those,
2) You don't have any scopes not attached to rifles laying around? Really?

When do we stop calling police police and start calling them the domestic branch of the imperial military complex?

i had a dream where i was ordering from tim hortons again and as i was trying to figure out what i wanted i was like "wait crap it doesn't matter because i always wake up before i get my food anyway" and immediately woke up

rotten capitalism, rotten tech 

its ridiculous how many computers you can save just by putting more ram and an SSD into it, I saved a friends cheap AMD APU laptop last week by throwing two 4gig ram things in there and upgrading it to a 256gb SSD.

It only cost us about 60$ and the computer is feeling brand new!

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