Gas station repair 

I really don't need a postcard from the ( @conservancy ) featuring ASCII art by @cwebber in order to renew, but now that they've sent one, it's so cute I'm going to display it someplace.

US Pol, indigenous people 

I'm so grateful to my wife for setting up a native plant garden. Flowers don't have that manicured look but they're just buzzing with bees and other insects. Native plants support native insects and birds.

Humor, but mention of blood 

This cat was blissfully asleep on our bed but within 2 minutes of opening theporch door on this warming-up day....

Have a good morning!

Wet spring + southern exposures = happy moss on our back step.

It's probably not good for the bricks; it's Nature applying the same process that turns mountains into dirt. But I think I have a few hundred years of margin.

Coop restaurant 

Button, Islam in America 

Does anyone else find this ad very creepy, yet have a hard time describing why?

My wife is learning Turkish, and now I find vocabulary stickers in random and surprising places.

Selfie, eye contact 

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

*On the central concrete stairway shaft of a tall building (10-15 stories?) under construction, a port-o-potty is sitting on a wooden platform attached to the shaft, near the top.*

*Someone* likes the hot weather.
*Cat sprawled on small round table on porch*

How great a tail is (1/2). Paws are good too (2/2).

*Cat curled up on bed with nose tucked under tail, then (second photo) tucked under paw.*

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